Having raw talent is essential for an artist, but maintaining that fierce drive to share it with the world is the true key to success. There are many talented people in the world, but those who work hard to promote themselves have a much better chance of making it to the top. Rising to the top takes a solid work ethic, ambition, and a clear action plan, along with the understanding that the goal you are attempting to reach will take everything in you to accomplish. Every artist should have their list of goals, but here we will discuss how dancers, in particular, should develop themselves along with tips on how to do so.  

Never stop training. Maybe you spent your whole life in a dance studio. While that background may have shaped you into a highly skilled dancer, it’s essential to continue expanding your skills. Forcing yourself to train in different atmospheres strengthens your ability to learn new styles and teaching methods. Being able to pick up choreography quickly can make or break you during an audition, so attending class weekly should be given high priority. This training will ensure that you don’t lose the skills you previously had and teach you new ones necessary to boost your career.                   

Use social media. Social media has become a highly used tool for artists to promote their work. It allows them to share their talent with the world as frequently as they’d like, making it an increasingly accessible way to get discovered. It has also become a source for talent seekers to book artists, making it an additional portfolio for performers. Nowadays, auditioners are often required to provide their usernames for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube when submitting for jobs. Putting time and energy into your social media platforms can boost your eligibility and increase the chance for your work to be seen by the right person. 

Make connections. Attending class and maintaining an online presence can also help you make connections if done correctly. If you’re learning from a reputable choreographer, go up to them and introduce yourself after class. This approach can be a simple “Hi, my name is [blank], thank you so much for the class.” The introduction allows them to see you up close and hear your voice, which will help them remember you more easily in the future. You never know if that choreographer will need to hire dancers sometime soon! Also, try to meet other attendees; chances are they’re trying to develop themselves as artists, and befriending others with similar goals can provide a sense of community. You can help each other focus, take classes together, and let each other know about upcoming auditions. 

You can also use social media to build relationships. Follow dancers and choreographers you’d love to train with or inspire you and don’t be afraid to reach out! Leaving comments on posts shows your support and provides more opportunities for others in the dance community to see your profile. More engagement means more profile views, which means more people viewing your work! 

Develop your identity. Find a look that makes you stand out. How can you use your uniqueness to your benefit? In an audition, the goal is to stand out from the rest, so what can you do to make yourself more memorable? Besides wowing them with your skills, providing a look that promotes your aesthetic can be very beneficial. Whether it be your hair color, haircut, clothing style, or signature makeup look, implementing a unique quality to your appearance can enhance your brand. 

Developing yourself as an artist is a full-time job. It takes consistency, skill, and the willingness to try. Applying these tips to your developmental journey will make your experience that much easier and enjoyable and hopefully shorten the time it takes to achieve your goals.