Whether you’re throwing an event for 10 or 1,000 people, technology can help along the way. Event planning is one of the most stressful jobs. It seems there’s no end to the tasks that need to get done before an event, and it often takes a village. For your next event, allow the following apps to be a part of your team and make the planning ten times easier!  

Several apps can help with event planning, but this list contains the ones we find to be the most helpful for planners! 


  • Top Table Planner

    This app provides virtual seating arrangements. This app can seat your guests easily, whether it be a wedding, banquet, conference, or dining event. It lets you drag-and-drop guests and tables and design and redesign the floor plan. You can purchase the app after a 7-day free trial. 

  • Certain

    Checking in your guests helps the event stay organized and provides valuable information. Certain provides this and is the easiest mobile check-in app for events. It enables you to check-in all your guests, registered and unregistered, and manage your guest list. 

  • CrowdCompass AttendeeHub

    For large events such as conferences or conventions, download CrowdCompass for an interactive experience for your guests. This app lets guests navigate the event by providing schedules to help guests plan their experience and find what interests them. It also allows attendees to connect.    

  • Localist

    Looking to spread the word about your event? Localist is designed to increase attendance by promoting your event to the public on a virtual platform. Increase the visibility of your event by publishing it for the world to see. The interactive calendar feature lets viewers discover your event and allows them to RSVP and view other attendees.   

  • Pingg

    Pingg is a fun way to invite guests to your event. It lets you customize and send invitations via email or postal mail to your guests, allowing the freedom for creative invitations. Add things like a registry or potluck sign-up and manage your guest list by seamlessly viewing who RSVP’d. Pingg also lets you sell tickets through the app if there are additional charges to your event. 

  • Super Planner

    Super Planner is the professional event planner’s dream. It covers all the basics, such as calculators to help with venue capacity, price converters, chart and list features, as well as tips for staffing, catering, and staging. This all-in-one app makes planning an event doable and ensures everything runs smoothly.  


Choose one of these apps to help you plan your next event and take some of the load off yourself!