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Artist Development is the process an artist uses to develop their craft to build a career in the entertainment industry. Progress may include improving and perfecting their talent, creating an image and branding that persona, establishing strategic public relations and digital marketing campaigns, producing valuable content, and refining live performance.

The days when record labels and movie studios developed talent from infancy to stardom are long gone. It is virtually impossible to encourage an executive to give an undeveloped artist a chance. Digital distribution has changed the relationship between consumers and the music they choose, and they no longer wait for A&R executives to tell them what they like. Besides, declining record sales and the vast selection of music on digital services have allowed consumers to bypass the traditional role of A&R, and many are not taking risks. As a result, this leaves the early stages of artist development to the artists themselves, and The Image Cartel fills that void.

Utilizing more than 30 years of entertainment industry experience, The Image Cartel can provide clients with services to get to the next level of their careers. Occasionally artists may need to step outside of their situation to gain a higher perspective on what is at stake and the possibilities that truly exist. The Image Cartel’s specialized services are for the client who requires guidance free of bias and conflicts of interest.

The Image Cartel also scouts talent by frequently attending events to hear emerging bands play, as well as listening to countless reels to find talent. We stay abreast of the market’s current tastes and find artists that we believe will be commercially successful. We help oversee the artist’s artistic development and often act as the liaison between the talent and their representatives, helping develop the right image to meet market demands.

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