Branding By The Image Cartel

Creating Consistent And Savvy Marketing

Upon successfully establishing a distinctive image to amass value as brand equity, brand management begins.

At The Image Cartel, brand management involves encouraging consistent messaging to our client’s audience utilizing our in-house services: public relations, digital marketing, event planning, glam squad, booking, event planning, red carpet concierge, and artist development services.

By developing a strategic image for the client, the brand itself then begins to imply values and promises their consumers may perceive and, as a result, buy into. To achieve this, we deploy various marketing and communication tactics. The key components generally include a brand’s identity, personality, product design, brand communication, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and various brand management strategies.

Once brand recognition is established, The Image Cartel pursues a significant and differentiated presence in the market to attract and retain a loyal audience, expressed through consistent fan engagement. To achieve this, we establish a long-term plan for each client’s brand based on its target audience’s characteristics, preferences, expectations, and professional goals.

Over time, we aim to assist our clients in building brand equity, measuring their brand’s worth. Their brand is, in essence, a promise to their customers of what they can expect. Once a customer is familiar with a brand or favors it incomparably to its competitors, The Image Cartel has helped its client reach the highest brand equity level.