Red Carpet Concierge™ By The Image Cartel

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

It’s not enough to be a great talent; it is equally essential to see great talent. The Image Cartel stays abreast of all the upcoming industry events internationally, from LA to Africa and all points in-between. Depending on our clients’ location, we secure the red carpet & event opportunities to increase their brand’s reach and awareness.

Hollywood’s red carpets function as a publicity tool and have long been must-attend events since the celebrity’s advent. Red carpets are where stars promote their current projects, gain attention, make an impression on everyone watching and land positive media placements. Red carpet events allow attendees to leverage networking capabilities and interact with celebrities, influencers, and media outlets. While red carpets are where Hollywood elites shine and celebrate with their peers, the magic is not just happening in Hollywood. Across the globe, celebrities find opportunities to sparkle in the brightest cities including Atlanta, New Orleans, Nollywood, South Africa, Bollywood, Dubai, and many other famous points; red carpet events are everywhere.

The Image Cartel receives hundreds of red carpet events monthly and many requests for clients to attend these extraordinary events. The Red Carpet Concierge™ makes submission and attendance more manageable for the talent, their representative, and the event producer. Talent interested in more opportunities to gleam, wherever they may be in the universe, can register for an account below.

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