Comedian Joe Torry celebrated his 55th birthday with a party and podcast. Although COVID-19 created a damper for everyone globally, Torry celebrated his birthday safely with a party and podcast to highlight women and blacks who are making a positive change in the world.

A special thank you to The Image Cartel, Dream Magic Studios, and all the magnificent guests who showed up in celebration of JoeTorry 55th Bday Party & Podcast. Thank you to the boss @davinadouthard for holding it down and special guests Bobby Brown, Tommy Brown, Vivica Fox, Guy Torry, Kid from KidNPlay Torrei Hart for celebrating with us! A special thank you to #Bigpercy and Snoop Dogg for sending Joe a wonderful gift of Indoggo and Derrell Spann for sponsoring the event with his delicious organic Grand Leyenda tequila and those amazing Palomas.

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