Before I begin writing this article, I would like to say that most artists and musicians are sometimes intimidated by the word BRAND. A lot, or even most, have no idea what it means or what it is, and most importantly, how crucial it can be to set themself apart from all the thousands of other acts out there; and being the band that achieves success. 


First, let me point out that building your digital brand is not as complicated as you think. It is one of the easiest and least expensive forms of marketing your music and your band. As I indicated, I will lay this out step-by-step so that it is straightforward to follow and implement. So, let us get into it a little: 



A logo is the simplest form of your brand. Every act should have a logo that, in some way or another, represents who you are. It should be simple and easy to understand. But you must have one. Do not rush it – do many different ideas and samples until you pick the last version. Collaborate with band members, fans, and friends for other ideas. Six heads are better than one. 



Remember, you want your digital brand to tell the story of who you are. Focus on details that describe your image and likeness, your consistent on-stage look, and a consistent look and feel for your websites and social media. Once you devise your branded image, exploit it everywhere. When fans move from website to website or see you perform, your brand must be consistent. Around people look for you, they must know it is you – simply by visiting your compatible logo, brand, and image. It must be memorable!! 



Personalize your fan engagement experiences to build trust and affection in your community. Engage as often as possible. Possibly use brand-infused giveaways to increase your follower’s cooperation. 

Use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to constantly spread your brand and expose it to as many followers as possible. Shoot professional videos to enhance your brand and give your fans a closer look at what you are all about and become closer to you. 



Dominate your music market by being distinctive in every aspect of your digital and traditional marketing efforts. Some examples are your official website, social media sites, posts, new CD releases, and especially your merchandise. Your merch must be distinctive and express your image and brand in its designs. Along with your logo, merch designs should also reflect your band’s character and its overall story. The designs should be original and trendy. If they are genuinely cool designs, people will buy them even if they had nothing to do with your band; hence, more collateral exposure for your brand. 



Exploit your brand in the news media, interviews, radio, and music review blogs. Getting coverage in any media outlet will create serious attention and awareness for your brand and further enhance it. A seasoned music publicist better handles this type of outreach. It takes a great deal of time, expertise, and an accumulation of high-profile media contacts. It is challenging for the average artist to be taken seriously by media outlets. A professional music publicist trusted by the media may cost you a few bucks, but it is worth every penny. 


Remember, do not get too intense or complicated. And most importantly, do not get frustrated. Take your time – do it right and keep it simple. Do not forget to work with all your band members, fans, friends, and followers when it comes to establishing your logo, story, image, and designs. Six heads are better than one. Look at the famous acts that you admire – see how they approach branding. You may want to consider emulating some of their ideas. 


Branding is serious business. It is not something to be ignored. It is the visual representation of you as an artist. Just have fun and do it!

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