Like The Image Cartel, glam squads have been around for some time – but the rise of the Kardashian Empire made the idea of hiring a team of beauty experts to work their magic become widely popular. Whether it be your wedding day, birthday, or another significant event, finding your perfect glam squad is essential to accomplish your perfect look. Here are five tips on finding your ideal glam squad. 

1. Establish your dream look. 

Different artists have different signature styles. Some might be known for their full glam talents, while others excel at creating soft beauty looks. Deciding which look you want for your event can help narrow down your search. Determine which specific makeup, hair, and fashion look you want, and go from there!  

2. Do your research. 

Now that you’ve decided what you want, it’s time to conduct research. Asking around for referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations are suggested! You want to work with someone who people can vouch for. You can also turn to online reviews to learn more about hair, makeup, and fashion stylists. Study their portfolios and work history and try to find at least two examples that you can present as inspiration for your desired look.  

3. Pay attention to detail. 

When hiring anyone, you want to pay attention to their attention to detail. Beyond talent, communication skills, organization, and attention to time are important. How much effort are they exerting toward getting to know you and your desires? Do they ask the right questions about skin sensitivity, hair texture, and dislikes? You want to find someone who is reliable and gives maximum effort. 

4. Trial runs. 

Determine if your desired artist offers trial runs, and if so, how many? Is there an additional cost? Some artists include it in their rate, whereas some may tack on an additional fee. Trial runs are essential to make sure you are both on the same page regarding outcomes. Set up 1-2 trials so that your stylist knows what you want when the big day comes! 

5. Are you enjoying yourself? 

Finding your perfect glam squad should be an enjoyable process. If you notice yourself feeling stressed and unsure of your decisions, perhaps the union lacks the right chemistry. The best artists will help guide you to find the perfect look. Study your chemistry with potential artists and make the process more enjoyable for everyone.