If you’re eager to enter the field of event planning, or perhaps you’re taking on the task of throwing your own event, certain skills are required to ensure success. Anyone can put on an event, but it takes a person with a unique set of skills and good habits to put on a successful event. Here we will talk about what it takes to throw an event that is bound to leave its attendees satisfied and smiling.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of top event planning skills is organization. If you’re unorganized, I hate to say it but chances are your event will flop. Schedules, deadlines, lists and charts should be your best friends during this process. Someone who practices time-management and is detail-oriented is certain to avoid mishaps or miscommunications during their event.

Speaking of miscommunications, another key skill to have is the ability to effectively communicate with others. This includes with your teammates, guests, vendors, staff, attendees, or anyone else involved in your event. Communication skills are the cornerstone of successful events- you should leave nothing up to interpretation. This skill also helps tremendously with negotiation skills, which can help you greatly with sticking to your budget!

Next, let’s talk flexibility. When throwing an event, anything can happen. A vendor could cancel last minute or perhaps your venue was double-booked. Adapting to change is a valuable skill that will help you overcome any challenges you may face. Having a “go with the flow” mentality can smoothen the entire process, and in today’s everchanging Covid world, it’s best to practice this state of mind. Open-mindedness and optimism go a long way!

It helps tremendously to be decently fluent in tech. Digitally savvy event planners tend to have a much easier time maintaining the skills already mentioned above. Becoming comfortable with software designed for event planning can make your goals more accessible, and the amount of apps that are just a download away are countless! Some great ones to check out are Top Table Planner, Certain, CrowdCompass AttendeeHub, Localist, Pingg, and Super Planner.

Lastly, you’ll want to get in touch with your creative side. The top event planners are able to think outside the box. Sure, you want things to run smoothly at your event, but you also want to leave a lasting impression. You want your event to stand out and guests to talk about it for weeks or months thereafter. Selecting unique venues, creative themes, or including speakers/guests are some ways to make your event feel one-of-a-kind.