headshot of young woman

Many of us are rightly proud of the characteristics that make us unique, and those qualities are ones that deserve to be celebrated – particularly when you need to promote yourself.  

Whether you are a widely recognised celebrity or lesser-known working actor, student or professional, the likelihood is that from time to time, you will wish to have Headshots created that really project and sell all of the things that make you.  

But why is it that in the acting and corporate worlds, we place so much emphasis on headshots in the first place? Why do people spend so much time and energy hunting out that perfect photographer who will be able to provide that magic headshot?  

Headshots allow you to truly get ahead of the competition  

A headshot, of course, can only do so much – it is, after all, ‘only’ a headshot. But as they say, a picture does say a thousand words. It means that a great headshot can make a great difference to how you are perceived, whether by casting directors or agents or other potential colleagues or clients.  

A headshot may only take up a small amount of space on a screen or page, but it can nonetheless have a huge effect on how you are perceived. A great headshot shows you at your best. It doesn’t need to be overly glamorous, but it does need to be truthful, striking, natural and – of course – completely and utterly professional.  

Be careful with your choice of headshots photographer  

However, it’s also true that you won’t be able to achieve all of the above things in your own headshots unless you work with the right photographer. That person should have great creative and technical nous, such as the ability to incorporate ever-changing seasonal light into photos that are compelling, unique and flattering.  

But a great headshots photographer will also be much more than that – they will be the kind of person who is friendly and puts you at ease. That, in turn, will help them to bring all of the best qualities out of you, so that you end up with a set of truly brilliant headshots.  

AUTHOR: Smith Lara