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Established in 1991 by CEO Davina Douthard, The Image Cartel is an image consulting service providing three core services: 1) brand development, 2) brand management and 3) brand equity. In essence, we help build brands from inception to market dominance. For more than thirty years, The Image Cartel has worked with athletes, celebrities and major brands from the entertainment, sports, fashion, beauty and nonprofit sectors including; Capitol Records, Bust-it Records, Arista Records, RCA Records, Sebastian International (now owned by the Wella Corporation), Cirrincione Associates, Mass Appeal Magazine, Polishing The Professional, Easter Seals of Southern California, Silverbird Entertainment (West Africa), Dream Magic Studios, Joe Torry, Olden Polynice, B Angie B, Ralph Tresvant, Troop, Bobby Brown, Before Dark, Omarion, and more.

Defining a Unique and Marketable Image

The Image Cartel’s primary goal is to define a distinct image for our clients centered on authenticity, differentiation, and marketability. To achieve this, we aim to establish an image that appeals to our clients target audience based on the characteristics, preferences, and expectations of the client and their goals. In essence, The Image Cartel helps develop and maintain every aspect of our client’s image by establishing a unique market brand and a favorable public perception.

Creating Consistent and Savvy Marketing

Upon successfully establishing a distinctive image, brand management begins. At The Image Cartel, branding involves encouraging consistent messaging to our client’s audience utilizing our in-house services: public relations, glam squad, marketing, and booking services. Once brand recognition is established, The Image Cartel pursues a significant and differentiated presence in the market to attract and retain a loyal audience, expressed through consistent audience engagement.

The Fine Art of Telling Your Story

The heart of storytelling lies in strategically unveiling our client’s unique history to paint a picture in the minds of their audience. The ability to strategically plan and effectively reveal the saga is the cornerstone of The Image Cartel’s success. The Image Cartel is untouchable, from pitching to the right media outlets, maintaining visibility, and planning and executing extraordinary events. Like Hollywood’s Golden Era, we aim to position our clients to influence brand domination.