Glam Squad By The Image Cartel

Wherever you go, there we are

In this truly innovative and incomparable service, clients gain access to our top-notch international network of public relations, style, fashion & beauty experts worldwide. When our clients travel for photoshoots, videos, award shows, or similar purposes, our Glam Squad is ready to greet them at their destination. With our vast network of locally sourced talent, we offer clients the convenience of access to top-quality services on demand, in a cost-effective execution. The Image Cartel’s Glam Squad prepares clients to be camera-ready with an impressive collection of the finest creative professionals to maintain and elevate their image and brand including:

  • Fashion Stylists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Hair Stylist
  • Fashion Designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Publicists

Prior to using the service, clients go through an onboarding process that includes creating a toolkit of best resources to help them maintain a polished image. This includes:
– An assessment to analyze and documents their preferences, measurements, and goals.
– Color Analysis to determine the best colors, hues, tones, that complement the client’s image.
– A strategic plan for the most effective implementation of the Glam Squad services.
– Styling session to establish the appropriate hairstyles, fashion, and makeup trends to complement the image plan

The brainchild of CEO Davina Douthard, the Glam Squad, results from more than 20 years of experience and solid relationships in the entertainment, fashion, and beauty industries. After traveling the world as an image specialist with significant beauty & cosmetic brands, celebrities & dignitaries, Douthard realized the difficulty clients faced with managing their image. The barriers are often a result of limited access to top-tier talent who can execute based on the client’s brand strategy and the high-cost burden that accompanies image management. The Image Cartel’s Glam Squad resolves these challenges.

We are always seeking new talent. To join us, please register here.