Digital Marketing

The Strategy Of Converting Your Target Audience In An Online World

The savvy client understands that the accessibility of the internet and the complexity of social media requires great attention and careful usage as this can be an effective tool to influence the success of their brand. Undeniably, this complex new media is challenging and time intensive, yet necessary. The Image Cartel works with our clients to establish effective digital marketing campaigns to leverage and manage their online engagement and reach a new generation of influencers.

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands using electronic devices or the internet. In recent past, marketing focused on communication across a few media channels: print, billboards, television, radio. The exponential growth in digital channels has intensified the importance of digital marketing. Digital marketing is exclusively online and its marketing channels concentrates on Pay Per Click (PPC), social media, paid social, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), creative and web development. It also includes text messaging, instant messaging, video, apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels, etc. Digital marketing uses multiple channels and technologies that allow an organization to analyze campaigns, content and strategy in real time.

Digital marketing isn’t just about the platform, it’s about building a relationship with the people in it. As digital media continues to explode, consumers are no longer willing to simply be passive participants in an inequitable marketing scheme, they lead the conversation. The digital landscape requires participation where consumers and brands exchange ideas and seek inclusion. It is a system were users create and share experiences and content while engaging with one another, ultimately influencing the success or failure of a brand or campaign.

Online engagement is critical to the success of a brand. Influencer outreach can be a tactic both for building brand awareness through social media posts from known influencers, as well as creating user-generated content, which can be used as creative material for the brand’s organic social media. Many people are confused about influencer marketing, but it simply just a hybrid of old and new marketing tools. It takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main difference is that the results of the campaign are collaborations between brands and influencers.

The deliverables, metrics, and outcomes of digital marketing is a great complement to other forms of communication when integrated into a full marketing campaign. The Image Cartel works to that end.