The swarm of technology has changed how we run businesses, connect, and live out our days. It has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives, but here we will focus on its impact on marketing specifically. Digital marketing, also called online marketing, “promotes brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication” ( It’s the thing that has changed the name of the game as far as advertising and marketing in our modern world; here are some reasons why it’s so important. 


77% of American adults own a smartphone. That means 77% of American adults have access to the internet in the palm of their hand. In seconds, someone can type in a keyword and find a business or brand just like that. With online ads, email and text marketing, and social media marketing, you can be at the forefront of online searches and make your business more discoverable to the public. 


Compared to other marketing methods, digital marketing is considerably less expensive. While you’ll still need a budget, old marketing methods like billboards or commercials run up your bill more than online campaigns. Platforms such as Google and Facebook have no minimum requirement, which means you could run a $5 campaign if you wanted to. There are also countless ways to run your advertising on accounts you run yourself- which is free! 


Physical advertisements on billboards or in magazines offer only one-way communication. Digital marketing, on the other hand, lets you communicate and connect directly with your customers by providing a two-way communication system. Users who see your online content can interact with your advertisements by liking, leaving comments, and sharing on their feeds- and when they get a response back, it can make all the difference. This instant connection leaves more of an impression than other forms of marketing and leads to audience expansion. 


Digital marketing is such an advanced form of marketing because it allows different forms of media. Photos, video clips, and audio can all be used to market a product making it more probable that customers will engage. Incorporating these different types of media content is essential to satisfy consumer needs and draw attention.  


Lastly, a considerable benefit to conducting business online is tracking. Get to know your customers’ spending habits and follow their activities. Tracking allows you to study which ads they see and what they buy after seeing them. It also allows you to strengthen your marketing methods and improve your strategy, ultimately increasing your sales.