Public Relations By The Image Cartel

The Fine Art Of Telling Your Story

The heart of public relations resides in strategically unveiling our client’s unique experiences to paint a picture in their audience’s minds. The ability to strategically plan and conclusively reveal their saga is the cornerstone of The Image Cartel’s success. From pitching to the appropriate media outlets, maintaining visibility at red carpet & VIP events, media training & crisis management to planning and executing significant events and social media campaigns, The Image Cartel is untouchable.

Like the Golden Era of Hollywood, we strategically approach, develop, and execute image plans to leverage our client’s assets and influence brand domination. As a contemporary public relations firm, we combine traditional and digital channels, including online and print publications and social media, to reach our intended objective.

The Image Cartel diligently manages the release and spread of our client’s information to their public through earned media. In practice, we establish and maintain relationships with our client’s target audience, the media, relevant trade, and other opinion leaders while implementing publicity tactics. Public relations may include but is not limited to; creating campaigns, writing & distributing press releases and other news content, working with the media, arranging interviews, writing speeches, acting as a spokesperson, preparing clients for press conferences, media interviews, public speaking, writing website and social media content, managing company reputation, planning and executing crisis management programs, managing internal communications, and marketing activities like brand awareness and event management.

Our success is directly related to our ability to understand our client’s needs and interests and effectively marry them with sound strategic plans and effective public relations tools.