public relations box

PR boxes have become an effective marketing tool that can help to spread word about brands and products in a short amount of time. Essentially, PR boxes are customized packages that are filled with products and put together in an appealing and eye-catching manner. These packages are sent out to chosen clients or social media influencers with hopes that they will share it online and spread positive feedback about a brand to their followers.

It turns out 74% of consumers are swayed by word-of-mouth recommendations when making purchasing decisions. With that said, PR boxes seem to be the way to go if you need some help expanding your business. PR boxes can also be used to publicize events like a launch party or opening day celebration. You can use them however you see fit and fill them with products that will help advertise your event. Keep reading to discover all the ways you can put together a PR box that is sure to get noticed, and spark conversation amongst consumers!

First off, who is on your PR list? You want to make sure you are sending products to the right people. Conducting research on the ideal candidates to receive your PR box ensures that they will share your product in the most effective and sincere way. Target people who you think would love your product and represent your values.

You want to nail your first impression. The outer packaging is the first thing an influencer sees when they open your box, so this must be appealing and professional. A branded shipping box with your company’s name on it is ideal, or simply use branded packaging tape. Make sure you strategically place the items with enough support so that nothing gets tossed around during the transit process. You can add smaller boxes within your main shipping box to add some dimension to your package, which should also help protect the contents.

Make it unique! Influencers sometimes receive multiple PR boxes a day, so you want to make sure yours stands out from the rest. Choosing a theme, color scheme, or including hot trends in your package will make it more memorable!

Make it personal. If your PR box contains things like clothing, scented items, or food and beverages, try picking out items according to the taste of the recipient. This lets them know that you care about their preferences and opinions. Also, make the time to write personal notes to each recipient. This touch reminds them of the effort you put in to providing them with an optimal experience.

Don’t forget to include information about your company! Products are great, but adding a brochure with your company info will help them remember you. Instead of digging through their emails to find your info, they’ll have it alongside your amazing products for easy access.

Lastly, timing is everything! Track your packages and touch base with your recipients so they know when to expect their box. This gives them time to prepare how they will unbox your package and may push them to consider recording the reveal, which means more views for your PR box!