Ultimate TikTok Guide

TikTok is the hottest go-to social media platform for many users who, between dancing to “Renegade,” participating in challenges on the trending page, and raising awareness about a particular subject matter, demonstrate how most of the world has fallen deep within the rabbit hole of TikTok. To be TikTok famous isn’t something most people have figured out, however. The race for TikTok stardom is still a bit of a free-for-all. So, how do you become big on TikTok? No need to fear because we have got your back! This article shares the best TikTok tips and tricks that will help you grow your audience in no time visit decals roblux.


The most successful accounts on TikTok post videos every day. So, it’s essential to choose a TikTok niche that you are interested in or can tolerate making content for consistently. Find your niche and stick with it. People will follow you for your consistent, engaging content. Think of 2 or 3 things that interest you and post about it!


Hashtags are not a new concept. They exist on every social media platform and serve the same purpose. Utilizing the hashtag feature can significantly increase your chances of going viral. On one condition, however. Do not use trending hashtags that are unrelated to the video you post. If it is related, then go for it! If you post a skit or a funny joke, you can tag the video with #comedy or #funny. If you post a video of your pet, you can tag #petsoftiktok. You get the point; make sure it is relevant.


New trends are born on TikTok every few weeks, and you are bound to come across many of them. Following trends is an easy and sure way of increasing your viewership. Whether it is a new dance video or a cooking tutorial, following TikTok trends is a great way to quickly generate content if you cannot come up with anything original or are stuck in a creative rut.

Duet or Collab

Collaborating with other TikTokers provides access to their audience. So, if you have a friend with 500,000 followers and you have 125, you will now have 500,000 new pairs of eyes on your page. If you do not have contact with influencers, you can duet a video. Duetting viral videos are an excellent way to collaborate with other users indirectly. Plus, you can get very creative with it.

New Features

Stay up-to-date with the latest features and capitalize on them early. Whether it is a new filter or editing tool, it introduces the opportunity for new and creative content. Be the innovative pioneer of new features on the platform, and you will have people flocking to your page.


Engage with other people’s content to increase your visibility on the platform. If you leave a comment on a viral video and the creator responds, your comment will appear at the top of the comments section. People will likely visit your page as a result.


Consistency is crucial. There is no such thing as posting too much on TikTok. Post on TikTok every day to reach as many people as possible. Post high-quality content every day (if possible). No one wants low-quality content on their feed.


Although consistent posting is important, I believe quality over quantity wins the race. Practice makes perfect. If the effort does not show, chances are you will not get as many likes or views.