Everyone loves a good theme. It seems there are thousands to choose from but when it comes down to it, deciding on one is an impossible task. Assigning a theme to your event adds a fun, creative touch to your gathering, and to make the decision easier, we’ve put together a list of every single party/event theme we could think of. Separated by category, below you’ll find 50 fun and creative theme ideas that will leave your guests elated. 


Decade-themed party ideas 

  • Roaring 20s party 
  • Back to the 50s party 
  • Woodstock 60’s party  
  • Disco 70s party 
  • Rock’n’roll 80s party  
  • 90s fashion party 
  • 2000’s themed party 


Color-themed party ideas (this theme is simpler and easier for guests to follow) 

  • All white party 
  • Gold party 
  • Rainbow party  
  • Purple only party  
  • Pink only party 
  • Tie-dye party  
  • Neon party 
  • You can use any color! 


Activity-themed party ideas  

  • Make your own pizza party 
  • DIY crafts party 
  • Self-care party  
  • Sushi-making party 
  • Cookie-decorating party  
  • Boardgame party 


TV-themed party ideas 

  • The Handmaid’s Tale party 
  • Gossip Girl party 
  • The Office party 
  • Game of Thrones party 
  • Parks and Rec Party 
  • Squid Game party  
  • Tiger King party 


Location-themed party ideas 

  • Paris themed party  
  • Hawaii themed party 
  • Hollywood themed party 
  • North Pole themed party 
  • Wild West themed party 
  • Egyptian themed party 
  • Safari themed party 


Music-themed party  

  • Rap central party 
  • Country music party 
  • Rock’n’roll party  
  • Beyonce themed party  
  • 2000’s emo rock party   
  • Prince everything party  
  • Disco dance party 


Miscellaneous party ideas 

  • Anything but a cup party 
  • Circus party  
  • Food from around the world party 
  • Casino party  
  • Famous dead people party 
  • Heroes vs. villains party 
  • Disney themed party 
  • Toga party  
  • Under the Sea party  

Apply one of these themes to any event or gathering and draw in the numbers! Not only is dressing up fun and new, it serves as great conversation starter for guests. Improve your event response and tack on a theme.