So you’ve made that first giant leap towards your dreams by moving to LA. You may think the hard part is over, but it’s just the beginning. Sure, LA is the land of opportunity, but it’s also the land of overpriced everything, no street parking, and vast competition in every department… and I mean EVERY department. Don’t let this get you down, the fact that you’re here and chasing your goals proves you’re tougher than most.

So how do you continue to chase those goals after your big move? Here we will list all the ways you can better yourself, your craft, and your life. Here are 7 artist development tips for the LA Newbie.

  1. Develop your identity

What kind of artist are you? What is your vibe? What makes you different/special? What kind of fans would you attract? What first impression do you want to give off? Ask yourself these questions to help develop your identity as an artist. Everyone loves a niche.

  1. Take advantage of the internet

The amount of people who have achieved fame from the internet? Well, it’s too many to count. POST YOURSELF. Share your work and be annoying about it. You never know who will stumble onto your page.

  1. Never stop growing

Take lessons, attend classes, and never stop practicing your craft. Even if you feel confident in what you do, the greatest artists never stop their growth.

  1. Network

Introduce yourself, shake the hand, accept the invitation, go to the party where you only know two people; growing your network will only help you! LA seems big, but it’s smaller than you think. The more people you meet, the higher chances you have of acquainting yourself with someone who could possibly boost your career in some way. At the very least, making more friends is good for the soul, and you’ll find a more fulfilled life in your new city.

  1. Accept the job, even if it’s small

If someone offers you a gig, take it! I don’t care if it’s performing at a birthday party in someone’s backyard. It’s exposure, practice, AND experience all in one. No job should be too small.

  1. Don’t wait for opportunity to come to you

There are several sites you can use to create a profile for yourself so casting directors can view your work. Take advantage of these sites! One that I like is called Backstage. You pay $20 a month and can submit yourself to whatever jobs you come across. They have paid jobs for actors, models, dancers, musicians, and more. Likewise, use social media platforms to reach out to people who you’d like to connect with. Opportunity comes to those who seek it.

  1. Be patient

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t take off right away. In fact, you probably won’t see any major success for a long while. It can take people years before they book that dream role, or dream gig. Understand that good things take time. Don’t lose your fierce drive to keep going! In the end, that’s what separates the good from the great.