Event Planning

Goal & Objective
You can determine the goal & objective of your event by asking yourself, “why am I planning this event?” Is it a wedding? Birthday party? Product launch? A fundraiser? Once you have determined your intentions, it is time to outline your objective.

The budget largely depends on the customer. Creating a budget is an essential step in event planning that will help determine whether your goals and objectives are achievable. If they are not, you will have to alter your budget or alter your goals and objectives.

Some costs to consider are:

  • Venue
  • Food & Drinks
  • Entertainment
  • Decoration
  • Staff/Team
  • Marketing
  • Miscellaneous

Event planning is typically not a one-person team (unless if it is small, of course). Team members may fall under decorations, entertainment, staff, photographer/videographer.

Location & Date
The budget determines the location and date the customer provides.

Some things to consider when picking a venue:

  • Accessibility
  • Size
  • Parking
  • Insurance
  • Tech necessities
  • Cost

From weddings to fundraisers and everything in between, The Image Cartel specializes in all forms of event planning and management to meet our client’s needs. If you are looking for an event management team, look no further. Please visit our website or call to learn more about our services.